Narrow way by Deborah Berrios

Narrow Way's theme is all about Religious Perspective. The art in this gallery will show how a religious person or group would look at life or handle a situation. It will show how Religious Perspective is not what it's perceived to be. This can be something very beautiful and might change one's mind on Religion. 

This painting is about a man having supper with what looks like family or his friends. To me this is a painting that symbolizes contentment. No matter the situation, location or company.
Jesus was able to refuse the urge or temptation by looking it dead in the eye without fear. Jesus knew that He had the power of God right beside Him. This gives confidence to the Believer.
This confrontation symbolizes how "Religious" people handle problems. From a "Religious Perspective" there shouldn't be fighting or holding grudges. There needs to be a confrontation of the problem.
Repentance is the way "Religious" people deal with their sin. The sin can be big or small, there always needs to be a repentance. This is when you pray to God for forgiveness of what you've done.
The Cross of Jesus from a "Religious Perspective" gives Hope and Faith. This Cross is a constant reminder of the mercy that God had on us. He sacrificed His son. We live today by faith because of Him.
This also symbolizes Hope and Faith that God can change anyone He wants to change. Nothing is impossible. Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead after he had been dead for 3 days.
From a "religious Perspective" lust is considered a sin. The way "Religious" people handle this is by fleeing. We must Flee the way Joseph fled from Potiphar's wife when she tried seducing him.
The only way that "Religious" people are able to love wholeheartedly are through the Cross of Jesus. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, He gave His one and only son..."
From a "Religious Perspective" the birth of Jesus symbolizes new life. There is always a second chance and a fresh start in life. Jesus proved that when He came down from Heaven to save the world.
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