Marlow Renaissance

The two medieval pieces in my gallery, Altarpiece of the Saints John and Maesta Trinita, are lacking some of the techniques that were used during the Renaissance in art. These techniques are realism and perspective. Perspective gave artwork a 3D effect and realism made the art look more life like. The other aspect of Renaissance art that made it different from Medieval art was that it no longer centered around the church. People were focusing more on themselves, which was reflected in the subject of new pieces of art.

The techniques used that make this a Renaissance piece of art are realism and perspective . Perspective is used to make it look 3D and the realism makes the people look more life like. The hair on Venus is very long and flowing, It covers a lot of her body. This makes me think that the artist wanted the hair to be a main focus in the picture. You are right about the hair. It is supposed to be a main focus in the picture. The realism is also an important aspect of this
This piece by Sandro Botticelli shows realism in the subject of the art work. It also focuses on a subject that does not center around the church, which was a new concept during the Renaissance.
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