Ryan's awesomely awesome epic creative ancient egypt art gallery (aka most awesome art gallery ever in the whole freakin universe)

in this AMAZING art gallery you will see many pieces of art from ancient Egypt art

This amulet looks a lot like an angle so I'm guessing its a priest would have this. I think a craftsman would make this creative amulet. I personally i really like this piece of art.
This is a Amulet in the form of Hathors Head. This piece of ancient Egyptian art is very cool. i think a craftsman/sculptor made this piece.
This is a heart amulet. I think a women would probably wear this as a necklace. I also think a craftsman would make this
This is a Marriage Scarab. Also it proves that ancient Egyptian people created the first computer mouse. It looks like a craftsman made this.
This is a mummy i believe by just looking at this. I think this mummy USED to be slave because he doesn't have a sarcophagus or anything to make the person look important. I really like this picture.
this awesome ring would probably belong to a priest. I am saying that because this ring looks not very fancy so i don't think a pharaoh would own this but i think a priest would
This broad collar I believe would help protect people in battle. I think a soldier would wear this
this is a head of a person that lived in Egypt. it also proves that J.K. Rowling got her idea from voldemort in this head statue.
this is a coffin and mummy board of Pasebakhaemipet. Is it just me or does this picture make you scared someone is going to jump out of this coffin
this picture represents that people in Egypt really venerated their family. also can i get a hawk buck because I used venerate
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