All Different People

Introduction:                                                                      Ever since the beginning of humanity there has been creativity and art. The human figure has been interpreted and represented in many ways and by all different people all through time. The human figure can be represented and portrayed with all different types of techniques and styles. With new technology, ideas and perceptions the human figure is still be represented and seen all new way all around the world.

Sunday Evening was created and was inspired by the depression. He represented what he saw was Australians qualities and way of life and life on the land. Russell Drysdale was influenced by his fellow artist Peter Purves Smith and by the idea of surrealism. Drysdale with all of these influences and ideas created this piece. With the use of many colours, tone and shape line all to express the human figure and Australian characteristics and qualities during the depression. The message the artist is trying to get across is what Australia and the people there and their human figure is like and how they and the qualities are like and being represented. 
Rosario, Christina, Ester, White fenced gang was created by Graciela Iturbide is a photographer. And was inspired to become a photographer when she met Manuel Alvarez Bravo and she saw his work. When she saw them she was so moved that she found herself wanting to become a photographer. She got into photography because she thought it was a way of exploring, researching and studying the world around her. She took this shot with the ambition of wanting to learn about other cultures starting with her own. A culture of rebellion, protesting and human rights. 
The Princess from the land of Porcelain is an oil painting created by an American artist named James Mcneil Whistler. It was painted between 1863 and 1865, and is right now hanging in the peacock room in the Freer Gallery of Art in Washington. The figure is representing a beautiful woman wearing a kimono. The context of the painting is representing Asian culture, objects, furniture and clothing. It shows the different dresses, screens, rug and setting of Asia all shown in this painting. The use of many different colours and shades such as gold and blues and reds to represent the princess and the Asian culture. All around the world there are different cultures, people, beliefs, ideas, religions. We all live in the same world and we are all different in our own way.   
The Prize Vessel from the Athenia games is a type of pot it is believed to have been made originally to honor the Greek goddess Athena. It is right in the Paul Getty Museum In the Greek Culture there would be the Panathenia, a state of religious festival where the gods would be honored and served. These festivals would be held every fours years, where there would be athletic events, music and other competitions all in honor of the gods. There are so many different cultures and people such as the Greeks. All around the world art is used to express and to create objects. In this case pottery is used as expression in the Greek culture is honor the Gods. We are all different and we must celebrate our individuality.  
This photograph New York City taken in 1968 by Gary Winogrand who was born in 1928 and died 1984 shows the Western culture. That there is happiness in the world even in the simplest of things. In this shot there is woman in 1950`s or 60`s eating an ice cream and who is laughing to be able to find joy in the smallest things. This photograph shows this principle very clearly. All around the world there are so many people in a world that isn`t perfect but can still be able to laugh and find joy in every day. In each of these pieces of art there is humanity and uniqueness, that is what i believe art i. Art is an expression of an idea, representation or just being creative in any form. 
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