Works of Art I would like to see in person.

100 Dutch proverbs brought out in this very busy, bustling village. Oak wood used,(durable) finished in a liquid media. I see a darker value, even though the sun is setting? Is that a pretend Jesus?
I seen no mention,I assume this is also a liquid media with oil on a wood? I could be wrong.I see fantastic spacing between the foreground moving to the background. Nice daytime tinting. Am I there?
Oil and wood, Emperor Rudolph the second collection. Attention to detail insane. Buildings from the left to right aft of tower are so plentiful I lost track of time observing. Zoom up and observe.
Oil on panel, this painting has more of shade value than the 1563. With boat bows pointed toward the shore I felt this was an early evening picture. Hundreds of men still working on tower. Nice.
Oil and oak. This busy town has a little to offer everyone! Pay the tax collector with whatever you have! Christmas wreaths have been around along time.Joseph and Mary in foreground.
Oil on wood, Flemish Mannerism. I see that in the year of 1566, not everyone lived in a Castle. The people look very happy. The food and beer was delicious judging by the hungry crowd at the door.
Oil on wood. Flemish Mannerism. Bruegel's ability to paint distance in background was amazing. The fire on the left is welcomed, but watch the sign! it might fall on you, it's barely hanging!
Credits: All media
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