elements of art

This picture is an exsample of value. it uses different values to create the illusion of depth and shape.
this is an exsample of form. the artist makes the objects look 3-D. the objects look real but demented.
The artist does a good job of using the space in this work of art. They fill it with multiple different figures, placing them in the fore, middle and backround.
this painting is a good example of color. it has blue yellow white and black colors in the painting. the dominant color is blue.the sun in this picture is bright compared to the rest of the colors.
This is an example of lines. There is a use of vertical lines. the lines make is seem like the sqaures are facing different directions.
this is an example of texture. the texture that is used is stone. the texture would be real because its a sculpture.
this is an example of shape. the shapes are organic and simple. the apples in this painting could be considered geometric because its a circle.
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