The beauty of the world

Discovering the vision of others, and the world they see.

While a lot of people and artists would argue that this is a portrait of a young knight, i will put forward that it is focused on the world behind him.
A impressive painting by Marco Gozzi. He uses awesome bright colors for the sunset. Focusing on all the small details, to the branches in the trees, plus the reflections in the riverbed.
In this painting I would like to point out the beauty of the snow, and the happiness of the children playing.
A darker view, of a moonlit night. This is one of my favorite paintings, I can look at it and imagine I am there.
The implied lines from the sunlight all lead to one thing in this painting, the journey ahead. The traveler is resting in this beautiful landscape. Not ready to move forward.
A enormous wave is depicted in this famous work. Causing stress to the small fishing boats around it, a beautiful mixture of blue surrounds the wave.
How could we get through any gallery without getting a Rembrandt. This impressive painting is one of my favorites.
A non representational landscape painting. From what I have seen they are few and far between. This one is very unique.
Another Rembrandt! But this is just a drawing, but certainly a great one! The detail in this drawing is astounding, the chapel in the background very thought-out.
While some might have a very "real" vision on the world around them. Others have a different view, I would like leave on this. A abstract and different way of looking at things.
Credits: All media
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