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Impressionism I like this painting because the wind is such a powerful thing. I love the power and effects of the wind. Wind can be compared to love because both move things with its power.
The Renaissance I liked this painting because it reminds me a lot of older and younger siblings. Noli me Tangere means touch me not which reminds me of what older siblings say to the younger ones.
Art Nouveau I liked this painting because the women in Pink really stands out. Everyone else is casual in multiple shades of brown and then this one beautiful women is standing alone, standing out.
Surrealism I liked this painting because it was simple and to the point. You didn't have to think hard to understand what it was or why it was painted. It is just a telephone and clock, thats it.
Cubism I liked this painting because the multiple shapes creating the painting is really cool.
Pop Art I liked this painting because black and white paintings always catch attention.It is something that appeals to the younger generation.
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