by Kevin Delgado

One reason I choose this picture was because there is a lot going on in the painting but your eyes always revert back to the table and chandelier as the subject and main point of the painting.
I choose this picture because I like how the artist position the animals and people which makes it a pleasant and calm painting
I choose this work because it shows that in the middle of chaos there is still control it might not be obvious at the moment but for me looking at the moon in the background gives a sense of control
This picture caught my attention because of the way the painting was done. By having one of the subjects of the painting stand out more than the others makes you look deeper into the painting.
I selected this painting for my gallery because the composition of the elements draw you close to the painting and you have a sense of the story behind the painting.
This picture is perfect for my gallery because its not only well painted but it has subtle composition in which it bring out the subject of the painting.
I choose this piece of art work for my gallery because in the middle of the chaos there is still a point of focus. Personally this is one of my favorite art pieces in my gallery
This work is very passive,It forces your eyes to explore the painting and look beyond.The painter included elements like the statue by the tree and the white monument at the end of the trees.
The reason in why I choose this piece was because it reminded me of tarzan. The way the painter placed the bridge and the sun and the all trees makes me feel like I'm watching the movie again.
I choose this art piece because the painter painted something interesting on the white figure. While looking at the white figures body I see a city trapped inside of its body. That really stands out.
I choose the painting because it gives me a warm family feeling. The way each person person is divided in different but the same rooms means something and gives it a soft and for me a family feeling
I choose this picture because even though there is multiple windows the focus stays in the middle one
While looking at this picture what caught my eye was the position in which the mountains where painted, they where painting in way that caused my eyes to focus on the landscape below it.
This picture caught my eye because of the shapes and the lines that translate into a bottle. There might not be a lot of movement but there is still composition
I choose this painting because in the middle of all the trees the couple standing in the middle are still the focus of the painting no matter what is around them
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