Stars and Spires by Kelvin Montalvan

This gallery contains images of other planets and cosmic events as described by science and rendered into existence by artists. The gallery will mainly consist of paintings and photos. 

A beautiful image of the earth as seen from the moon during the Apollo missions. The earth is the clear center of the image with the moon at the bottom to show the place of where the photo was taken. Such a piece is a perfect starting point for my gallery about space.
The artist is depicting a dream of sorts using hundreds of little stars and creating their own clusters across the canvas. The concept of and theme of stars and an artist's rendition matches the theme of my gallery.
What gallery of stars would be complete without the famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh. The shape and color of the moon and stars blur together in a wash of color that meets the cozy little town. This image also inspired the title of the gallery, stars and spires.
The painting depicts an image of a spiral galaxy as imagined by an artist. The colors are simple and the use of other objects around the perimeter of the piece give an interesting vibe and sense to the piece. At the center there appears to be a super massive black hole.
This image is one that requires more time to look at it to see what exactly is being shown. It appears to be a viewpoint from a one planet or moon to another during a cataclysmic event.
The artist went all over the place with this one putting in many different elements, including religion. It is a mural though, giving some reason to really put all these things into the design.
This painting depicts a dog flying through outer space aboard a cylindrical craft. The craft is moving away from a set of rings from a planet. The line and perspective work to the crafts advantage, giving a sense of depth and realism to the art.
At first what seems like an image of stars turns out to under closer investigation be a series of white couples enjoying each others company. The art is truly appreciated from a distance when it looks like stars.
An image of a shepherd and his sheep under the light of the moon. The shepherd is standing by a lake. The colors seem almost faded , giving it the feel of night where it is hard to see. Shapes in the background can only be guessed to be trees.
And finally, another image of the earth as seen from outer space. Our world seems so small against the pitch black abyss of space behind it.
Credits: All media
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