let's take it to the streets

This gallery is a collection of street art from around the world which represent a variety of themes from the different perspectives of professional graffiti artist. Gallery by: Essex Lampkin

The painting titled Peace is Yours is one of the Random Act Projects by Lydia Emily. This piece represents the search for inner peace. She combines ancient and modern symbolism to depict the "seeker".
This untitled piece is by ADDFUEL; EIME, and can be found in South America. I chose this piece because of the artist's use of patters,shapes, and colors. The words MENTAL IDADE mean "Mentality Age".
This piece is part of the Paint Up Project in Melbourne, Australia by Adnate. I like this piece because of its homage to the Australian Indigenous culture. The artist's perspective on history is amazing.
This piece is entitled "The One That Got Away", by a graffiti artist named Fintan Magee. I chose this because of the the wonderful use of color,contrast, and imagery. This piece could symbolize a multitude of situations.
This piece is by Meggs and 123Klan, and is one of the annual Hawaiian "POW! WOW!" series from 2011. The "POW! WOW!" is a gathering of graffiti artist that come together in Hawaii to celebrate street art. I chose this piece because of its distinct cultural influences.
This untitled piece by MAR is found in Covilha, Portugal. I love the way the artist has used the entire room to give this piece a 3D feel. The artist's use of perspective, contrast, and color are amazing.
This piece is by El Mac and Retna, and is located in Los Angeles, CA. I chose this piece because of its vibrating colors and harmonious flow of movement. This piece reminds me of music.
This untitled piece by Calma uses geometrical lines and patterns along with bright colors to represent the goddess Yemanja. This was the main reason that I chose to use this piece. The artist has changed this wall into a sacred piece of art.
This piece by Steve Wenik is titled "The Tuskegee Airmen: They Met the Challenge". I chose this piece because of its significance on American History. I also love how the artist told the story of the Tuskegee Airmen.
This is a piece by Alaniz called "Safety", which is located in Amsterdam. I chose this piece because of it's symbolism. I think the way the woman is shown protecting the lamb from the pack of wolves is a representation of the caring nature of the female species.
Credits: All media
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