Pottery Through the years

From Prehistoric times through Ancient Greece, there have been many different kinds of vases or kraters. These objects are meant to hold wine, water, and any liquid that needs storing, but some are for decoration only. Of all of the vases, there are not two that are alike. It is fascinating at how even the Neolithic people could form such works of art. As the time periods evolve throughout history and people's understanding of the ways pottery works, the vases also improve. I have chosen eight different works that all represent a certain time period. 

From the Neolithic time period. Founded on the Mediterranean coast. The design has horizontal and vertical lines. The vase is rounded with sculpted handles at the top. One of the first vases.
From the Bronze Age in Korea. Influenced by the Middle East. The mouth and body are wider going into a narrower body with an "X" shaped design. This shows how pottery has evolved through history.
Northwestern Argentina,created in the 1st-6th century. Small mug with a handle on the side. Design consists of zigzag lines with tiny dots. This specific mug is representing the evolution of pottery.
Originated in Capulí in the 5th century BCE. This little guy is very unique. It's head is the mouth of the vase and the arms are on its rounded belly. This vase is portraying how creativity was shown.
Classical period Maya. This Precolumbian cup is cylindrical. It has a unique picture that was painted on the ceramic. The Maya are known to paint gods and everyday life. This is representing how pottery has evolved.
Capulí time period. Used for desserts or liquids. Could be founded at festivals and parties. The design is painted on, some negative or positive. This vase is to show how there are many designs.
Created in 455 BCE for the Sanctuary of Nymphe. It was used to carry water for the new married couple for their bath. This is a unique vase with a narrow neck and paintings are in red figure. This vase shows the difference in design.
Created in 515 BCE in Greece. This krater was used for mixing wine. The design is wide on top and narrow on the bottom with handles on the sides. The paintings are of men preparing for a sporting event. This sculpture is showing how the Greeks evolved pottery.
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