Chromo Museum

The lines and curves are amazing. The way the wind was drawn is truly remarkable. How the wind circles around the stars really just makes everything seem like they are not out of place. the blue color used in this artwork shows a calm silent night with beautiful shimmering stars above.
The balance is equally proportioned although the centaur has a much greater size compared to the tiger to give emphasis. The color of the centaur and the tiger is much more intense to center the focus on the two.
The movement of fire releasing haze looks as if it is floating into the sky. The choice of color shows the dark mood and the burning ground/
The direction the deer is looking at into the pitch, black mountains makes you wonder, what is the deer looking at. The bright light coming under the deer while the wolf gets stomped on makes you focus on the deer and wolf.
The color coveys the chaos and mayhem of this piece of art. The darkness at the bottom showing that we might not know what will happen and the red lava erupting shows the chaos that awaits.
Credits: All media
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