Nature's Music & Texture   -Dominique C. Huskey

Theme: The Art of finding Music within Natures' Movement.                                                                    Description: My gallery is riddled with art capturing the energy of nature, this is what I refer to as the "music" of nature. At the heart of my gallery you'll see that I tried to capture as much of this energy as possible through fundamental artistic paintings & sculptures. These images are perceived differently by individuals but the general aesthetic will be nature in motion.

This image depicts very rough waves in what may be the heart of the sea, there is also what seems to be a severe thunderstorm in the background. I see the somewhat terrifying reality of what mother nature is capable of. What seems to be a small boat struggling to maneuver through the harsh weather of the brutal ocean.
This image seems to be a cell network of some kind or maybe even a galaxy. The image's structure reminds me of my thought process, never absolute but varied around a specific thought. The art on a fundamental level is the embodiment of every natural living organism, just a network of cell's communicating, revolving & evolving.
This image shows a waterfall and it's naturally gentle but destructive force. The water seems to slice through the rocks on either side as if to cleanse or reconstruct the earth at will. This happens over a long period of time but once complete beautiful is an understatement. The rough & rigid texture of the rocks is complimented heavily by the smoothness of the river.
This image embodies the destructive force of mother nature as well. I see what seems to be debris being thrown and washed around uncontrollably under the forces of the ocean or river. This image sort of reminds me of a tsunami or some sort of naturally occurring disaster. The artist did a great job capturing the motion and devastation of water.
This image captures the grace of evolution. Mountains do not grow upward, but are the after effects of the earths water and landscape receding beneath and or away from them. This piece of art shows me that noting of that magnitude is developed over night. The peek of the mountain in the background literally represents a land before time.
This image depicts what seems to be a tree of very old age. However, still just as strong rooted as it was from the beginning of its time. Its shows that even though it may be finished growing in height, the life it produces around its roots are still blossoming. It looks like this tree has overcome the weather of time itself.
This image shows me a few things. Besides where i'd like to retire, it depicts a small island riddled with palm trees. The palm trees over look the island's beaches and over the waterfront of the ocean. This image tells me that no matter how desolate the area, life is possible.
This image is a branch off flowers which seem to grwo wrapped around its stem. Upon a quick glance however, I see a strand of DNA. At least the shape is similar to a strand of DNA. It makes me think maybe life has a certain rhythm or code it follows in evolution, everything down to tree branches are similar in DNA structure.
This image depicts a tree rooted in a desolate area clinging on to life or maybe already passed on. To me the artwork shows the mortality of all living things. It looks as though some branches had fallen off of the tree previously yea the roots are still a solid structure, unbroken and everlasting.
This image shows three fallen leaves. The first thing that comes to my mind, seeing that the background is clear, is that the leaves are floating on top of a pond/ river or lake of some kind. The focus was clearly to capture the leaves because there is no background. What I take from this image is that the end of some life makes room for new life to blossom. Or that life even in small amounts can produce beautifully but time is not kind.
Credits: All media
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