Transported to another time and place By Karrie Pittman

This art galley is based on texture and movement found in nature. Texture is used to represent the way an object would feel it if it were touched. Movement is used to direct the viewer's eye to a place the artist deems important. Movement is also a visual representation of the way an object might be moving in that moment.

This is a painting of an outdoor scene. In it there is a hare that is sitting on the ground eating leaves. The artist used textured strokes to simulate the fur on the hare. There is also a number of plants, some of which are blooming. The texture used on the leaves indicates which leaves are fresh and green, and which ones are dry and brittle. On the ground are small reptiles, snails and insect. On the right side of the painting there is a tree stump with a bird perched on it. The stalks of the thistles create movement drawing the eye upwards. The curvature created by the spine of the leaves, and the tree trunks in the background, also creates movement for the eye to follow.
In this image there is a dynamic sense of movement. The direction of the waves, and the texture of the froth on the top give the impression of a rough sea. This strong element is what draws the viewers in, and indicates the direction the eye should follow. The trees on the bluff have a much softer texture compared to the jagged rock they sit on. Even softer still, are the clouds at the top of the painting.
This painting is filled with texture due to the short brush strokes that Vincent Van Gogh used. The eye is drawn to the line of irises, and the silky texture of the blooms stands out against the sharp points of the leaves. In the background behind the trees, the roofs of buildings can be seen. The tree trunks also stand out because of their smooth texture. The brush strokes used for the field gives the impression of movement. This creates the impression that the wind is moving through the tall grass.
The overall texture of this image is very soft due to the brush strokes used. Because of these soft brush strokes, there is the impression of trees. This impression is further backed up by a few individual leaves that can be seen. The strongest sense of movement comes from the tree trucks. There is also some indication of movement in the background due to the clouds. In the lower right corner there is a small cluster of birds, and additional birds can be seen roosting in the trees. Although they are small compared to the trees, they are a focal point. The birds become a focal point in the painting because of the stronger brush strokes and attention to detail used to paint them.
This painting is an example of texture and movement working together. The texture of the white caps gives the impression of the frothing waves churning around. The brush strokes used add additional texture to the painting. The rough sea is countered by the softer texture of the sky. The clouds in the sky also give the impression of movement. This movement hints at a storm that is coming together.
In this image there is a herd of sheep and a man watching over them. In the foreground there is a well running water into a trough made of wood. In the middle of the image are more sheep and sheep herders. The brush strokes used create the illusion of the textured grass. This texture gives the grass a feeling of movement. That movement carries over into the stream that runs through the pasture. There is also texture in the smoothness of the lake that is in the middle of the painting. The strongest texture in the image is in the peaks of the mountains in the background,and the floor of the valley in the foreground of the painting. The amount of detail that went into recreating the rocky outcroppings, peaks and valleys, results in a lifelike representation. The vegetation that is in the foreground creates the illusion of soft ground cover.
Here is a painting of a young girl standing in a garden holding a pumpkin. A number of different textures can be seen in the foliage that surrounds her. There is the smooth texture of the larger leaves that can be seen on the left side of the image. There is also the texture of the dried out corn husks that can be seen in the lower left portion of the path. Also, there is the soft texture of the flowers that are located on her right side. The taller corn husks create a sense of movement, drawing the eye upwards. There is also the movement of her skirt. The gentle folds create the impression of the fabric swaying as she walks down the path.
This is a photograph of a large mountain range, with a valley, lake, and stream below it. In the valley there is a herd of livestock. Just above the stream on the left side of the image is a man laying down. Texture can be seen throughout the image. The rocky face of the mountains and the smooth surface of the lake create a visually interesting juxtaposition. Additionally, there is an interesting combination of textures between the hard rocks and the smooth skin of the man laying on them. There is also a soft texture that can be seen in the clouds that are settling down the mountains. There is a sense of movement visible in the swiftly moving waters of the stream.
In this image there are two large buttes, storm clouds, pine trees and a mountain. In the lower left corner of the painting there is also a cabin, white fence and man that can be seen. The dark clouds provide a feeling of movement due to the brush strokes used to paint them. There is also a sense of movement as the eye follows the line of the main pine tree, located in the left middle of the image. The short brush strokes used to create the branches and needles of the pine tree provide texture. There is also a lot of texture used to paint the foliage in the valley, and the rocky faces of the buttes.
This painting is of a line of small trees against a blue sky. The short choppy paint strokes create both texture and movement in this painting. The way the artist laid out the branches give the impression that they are swaying in a breeze. The brush strokes provide the texture that make up the tree trunks and branches. The artist also created added texture in the sky, although it is much softer than that of the trees.
Credits: All media
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