the colorful and surrealistic experience of modern street art - phillip taishoff

Street artists are some of the most underappreciated artists out there. Despite how fantastically creative some of them all, they will never get the recognition they deserve because of the nature of where they paint their art. I dedicated this gallery to some of the more creative examples of their work and focused of surrealistic visuals or ideas and pair them with vibrant colors. 

This picture depicts a mass of people with their eyes and mouth covered, while a political figure towers over them. The artist used surrealistic imagery and the color blue to show a lack of identity.
This picture has a large pink whale with his middle cut out and he wears a tiny hat. He is saturated in color and has enough weirdness going to to justify calling it sureal
This picture has a lot going on, but the bulk of it about mismatching animal part together. Because of it's contend I fits right in with the rest of the surrealism and it uses blues and greens nicely.
This picture is about a wooden armadillo with trees growing out of it's head. The art work uses many types of browns, for that wooden feel. It's not as over the top as some entries here but I like it.
A man curled up and is being divided up by strange boxes. I don't know what it means but it's colors are vibrant and visuals are wired enough to fall under "very surreal".
This picture has a Tv robot and some kind of camera bots that are watching it. I think It has to do with how someone would broadcast's themselves. Again great use of color and surrealism.
This is one of my favorites, it's simply has to do with a girl whose hair is spaghetti and meat balls. I love how only her hair is colored in and because of that, it really makes it pop out.
This picture has a man on a skate bored, with a briefcase, whose head is a robot connecter to a pair of hands. That's one of the most surreal things I have seen. Oh and it has nice colors.
I like to think this one is about how the adult wold and the work environment stifle colorful Imagination and creativity. Maybe I'm reading too far into this. Surrealism is a great thing to look at.
This las one I don't understand, it has a chameleon eating or throwing up some kind of yellow substance where smaller chameleon's work on an assembly line and turn the yellow stuff into something else
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