Art in the Han Dynasty

A lot of rich art throughout the Han Dynasty have been preserved. We can examine these pieces of art about 2000 years after they were made, and still interpret that the Han Dynasty was, in fact, in a golden age.

This painting suggests that the people of the Han Dynasty had complete control over their animals, including their horses. This beaten up image presents a group of tamed horses in one line, as if they are obeying the people of the Han. This suggests a golden age, because they were able to domesticate large and powerful animals.
This is a photo of Liu Xiu, one of the emperors during the Han Dynasty. However, this isn't the entire painting. The painting features 13 emperors, and writing next to each one depicting their thoughts of government tips, such as legalism. As you can see, there are many servants surrounding the emperor. This shows the large amount of power owned by the emperors of this time period, and the strong government that was enforced. This reveals a true sign of a golden age.
This is a picture of artifacts found in China. Although it is unclear, these stones could have been remains from the Han Dynasty. There is not too much information about these stones, but some researchers suggest that this is some sort of medicine from this time period. Although it is farfetched, if all this is true, we can concluded that the Han dynasty was, in fact, a golden age. In addition, this could be a result of cultural diffusion, because all the knowledge of all the original kingdoms came together, to create an effective medicine.
This artifact, found in the early Han Dynasty, is another example of the shear power of the dynasties' ruler. This tomb tile with elaborate decorations, is a piece of art made for the emperor at the time. This tomb represents the power held by the emperor, for he could have his people spend so much time and money on his own possessions.
Here are coins and mirror all made out of bronze. These coins represent a form of standardization, a common technique for the rulers of the Han. With everyone possessing the same currency, the Han dynasty was able to demonstrate their cultural diffusion. Before hand, the different cultures came together, and there was no official sign of currency, However, with these identical coins, people were able to trade and unite more easily.
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