Psychological and Symbolic color use in painting

Conor Brown & Jan Colston

This painting uses two different colors on the opposite of the color spectrum. The blue is very calming while the red is for passion or rage, it's an exciting color.
This one while it has subdued colors it has a calming affect the orange and blue in the girls clothing could represent excitement and tranquility.
The texture and layering of colors could be calming psychologically they could have a calming effect. White representing purity, yellow bright like the sun and blue calming.
This piece is pleasing aesthetically, not only the usage of color but the artist's blending makes it appear soothing.
The different shapes in this work makes us think of the psychological ink blot test. Even thou the colors are blue, the shapes are exciting and over stimulating.
The use of shadow of light is very realistic. The fact that it appears to be a road or walking trail is very calming as walking can be very relaxing. It makes one think of sitting on a bench and staring out into space.
Credits: All media
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