Colors that pop

I tried to make a selection of pieces that represent bold colors. I think that colors are very important in our lives but are sometimes over looked.

I think it takes true talent to be able to create such a vivid and vibrant piece of art all with shades of red. On top of that it almost creates a different different picture of a moon and clouds.
This picture is dominated with blue and yet the pink is what steals the show. It really shows what color contrast can do for a picture.
This piece to me almost seems harsh to the eyes, but I still really like it the colors are standing out almost to much and somehow still flow together.
The true beauty of the color in this piece would be when it's turned on. The colors literally glow with vibrance.
It amazes me that such simple color and layout can make a full fledged picture.
The color here may not be as vibrant as in other pieces but it really stands out.
The Japanese style is always so vibrant They really know how to make their colors stand out.
The straight blue peeking from behind the clouds here is absolutely breathtaking.
The colors here are so bright and filled with contrast but blend together like it's all made out of water.
I'm not sure what is on the wall behind the art but I feel like a party is going on with all this color.
Adding the grays in with this color really gives it the contrast it needs to pop out.
Almost all of the emotion coming from this scene is brought about by the intense color. It really makes you feel for the scene.
I have always loved the way hair is done in art and having the bright blue of the hair standing out brings a lot of character to this piece.
There is so much going on in this picture and yet for me the purple really stands out and draws you in and around the picture so that you can see everything just like being on that train.
The large red circle in the center of this picture draws you in with such power you almost over look the fact that this is about the cats.
Credits: All media
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