Country Dance

“Country Dance”,”Dance in the City”, and “Dance at Bougival” is a series of works drawn by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. I especially like the “Country Dance”. Because Renoir is a painter of impressionism, his paintings have variety of light & shadow and color contrast. For example, the man’s blue suit compared with the lady’s red hat. Besides, those characters in Renoir’s paintings are usually females, and the works are almost optimistic and warm. Although Renoir likes to paint the real things, but his brushwork is blurry and hazy. Such as “Country Dance”, this work used the warm colors, and the woman’s smile fill with happiness. In the corner, there is a little girl looking them enviously. It is said that the model of the lady is Renoir’s wife, so Renoir can draw the happy atmosphere. I note the “Country Dance” because of a Korean drama-She Was Pretty. When in their childhood, a chubby boy who usually be bullied admired a pretty girl, and he likes the little girl in the painting who only look secretly. However, the girl is very kind and they established a great friendship. After that, the boy moving to foreign country. Until they growing up, they just met together and recognize by the “Country Dance”. At this time, they exchange their positions because the boy become handsome and the girl is looking not very good. So it transforms that the girl peeps him. Because of that, I have deep impression with this painting-“Country Dance”.
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