The Beauty In Black- Lerell morning

The color black is often looked at as being absent and an element of unknown, but it is a color that is full of life and a wide range of positive moods. When describing the color, it can be associated with mystery, power, seduction, sophistication, and beauty. Black can bring about the sensuality, passion, and love in an artist presentation of there visions. Other colors combine with black can set the moods of these different emotions and perceptions of moments.    

The Student (Rosalie Kemble Sully) depicts the artist Thomas Sully daughter. He painted her utilizing a lot of black portraying her in a elegant yet mysterious way, drawing the eyes to specific points.
Robert Henri breaks from the stereotypes of African Americans and showed a young African American school boy. The soft darkness blends well with humble facial expression of the young boy.
Augusta Savage express love for her pain through this clay sculpture, Gamin. The word Gamin is French for Street Urchin and her work may have been an example of how she felt as an artist in Europe.
Germinal depicts a field of flowers. The black canvas that it was painted on, highlights the colors of the flowers to showcase the natural beauty that the delicate creation has rather than making the flowers dark in color.. Having a darker canvas allows for the colors to show a deep pigmentation.
Off the Blues: Carolina Shout depicts a celebration of a baptism. Although the people in the painting are illustrated as being dark and having large body picture, the black embraces a culture and the joy and celebration of baptism.
Lovers in a Cinema depicts a couple showing each other affection. The dark colors used to compose the painting, does not take away from the illustration of love; it highlights the beauty of love and the passion the individuals have for each other.
Paul Guillaume, Novo Pilota depicts a man in a suit leaning against a wall. The dark colors shows the subject in a mysterious light; unknowing of his exact purpose. His blank facial expression adds into the mystery of the painting because nook direct emotion or mood can be drawn from it.
Les Sylphides depicts a group of ballerina's from the American Ballet Theatre. The black and white photo shows the elegance and pose that the art of ballet has. It also provides a powerful image that has a gentle touch.
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