A Day in the life

I decided to choose the theme of everyday life. I think that the things that happen everyday that we take for granted are important. These events represent the majority of our lives and ultimately determine whether we are truly content and happy. I chose paintings with scenes depicting everyday activities from work to play.

This painting depicts a group of people eating food in each others company. The people present show neither glee or sorrow and simply continue on living.
This painting depicts a house as well as a factory of Monsieur Henry. It has less subjects and this creates a quieter scene which often times is more accurate of life.
This painting depicts quite a large group of people lazily enjoying a Sunday. Days like these seem to be the embodiment of contentment.
This painting shows a factory. Even though most people working there may not have cherished their time they undeniably spent a lot of it at the factory.
This painting depicts a very different kind workplace. The job may have offered less monotony but it came with prices of its own. Possibly a worthwhile trade off.
This painting depicts an Arab cafe. A place where many people would come to relax and enjoy themselves.
A quiet view of Cincinnati. It shows a secluded view from the forest representing many peoples ideal life. A quiet existence away from society.
The last painting depicts Warsaw from the viewpoint of a Terrace. It shows the busy life of the city. The differing views of how to live ones life each have their own merit.
Credits: All media
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