Visual art Portfolio:       Art & architecture I would like to see in person

Each one of these works of art I find truly amazing.  They all have unique detail, form, and design.  I could only imagine the opportunity to see each one up close and personal to take in every detail:  The thickness of the paint, the grandeur of the architecture, or the detail of the sculpture that just cannot be attained thru a picture. 

This oil painting has a unique style known as pointillism. It has a broad color template. The shading gives a multi-dimensional effect. Despite that it is made from individual dots it has great form.
This abstract painting was done on canvas with oil paint. The artist used cool tones, but still incorporated a semi-broad template. Gogh used beautiful rhythm and line to convey movement and peace.
The post and lintel structure has a limestone foundation and built with superiority in mind. The Doric style columns are made of pentelic marble. With perfect repetition and balance even though there is not one straight line on the temple
This abstract painting was a mirror image done on canvas. The artist used oil paints with mostly cool tones. Gogh offers great texture and shading to create depth and mass.
This is a full-round, carved white marble statue. The lines bring attention to her beauty and feminine form. Even thought the subject veil was carved from stone it still has a sense of weightlessness.
The now marble sculpture was thought to originally be done in bronze. It's negative space draws attention to the soldiers fatal wound. The lines and form continue to hold your attention on the full-round piece.
Credits: All media
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