Reverend Martin Luther King meets with Bishop James A. Pike, Reverend George L. Bedford. He shakes hands with the reverend and asks him many questions
This is the March on Washington.Organized by various organizations. This photo is from the day of the march
Reverend King exits with Reverend Edward. Edward is from Berkley and the chairman of the Californian Christian Leadership confrence
This picture shows his views of how Jim Crow has corrupted Gods world. This man is wearing this poster to bring light to that.
Picture of famous people. MLK Jr and Lyndon B Johnson are in this photo
This is a pamphlet describing Freedom City. Freedom City is where displaced slaves went after famlies were displaced
Human Right March on city streets.
People urge others in front of the post office building.
Proud button to show others that they are civil rights marchers.
Exact bus that Rosa Parks refused to move in
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