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The materials that were needed to make oracle bones were usually turtle bones or just any animal bone but they mostly used turtle bones. Oracle bones were used to ask questions. The Shang Dynasty liked how they could just ask a question and it would give them an answer and they liked how they could predict.
The materials that were needed to make silks were the spun cacoons of silkworms. Ancient China had silk and it was desired by other nations which made China rich.They also dyed silk into intricate and decorative items. They used silk so much for things like cloths, money, and more. That's why it was very important because it was used for many things.
The materials that were needed to make porcelain were kaolin which is china clay.They used this to make blue and white vases which soon became highly prized and was sold throughout Europe and Asia. This art was valued because it was not only important art, but it also became an important export.
Bronze was made out of fairly pure medal lying around. They would use bronze to make weapons out of it. They valued it because it would help them make weapons which helped them with a lot of things.
The materials that were needed to make calligraphy were basically just ink. These materials were used for drawing over 40,000 characters to communicate. They liked calligraphy because it showed the ability of control and inner piece.
They would use calligraphy and poetry to make these paintings. These were used to make paintings of homes, birds, trees, water, and ect. They valued these paintings because they were so beautiful and sometimes they would sell them.
What you needed to make to make hair ornaments were things like hairpins, hair clips, and gold flowers. They used this to put it on buns or on any other hairstyles. They loved hair ornaments because it helped keep their hair up and they would sometimes sell them.
Marble is a metamorphic rock made out of limestone. These materials were used for making buildings. This art was useful because it was beautiful and would often be used to build stuff like homes.
Jade was made out of fabric knots too. These items were used for many other jewelry. Jade was used as beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelet, and ect. This was important for the Ancient China people because it was believed to protect the owner and that's why they loved jade so much.
you didn't really need thing to make bones you could find them laying around on the floor. Bones were also used to make some weapons and would often help people. They liked bones because they were so helpful to them by catching animals as food.
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