Renaissance Perspective

Ure- denoting an action, process or result. Granada- city in Spain. Burgos- city in Spain. Short-lived Decoration- a type of frame work.
Exemplifies- to be a typical examples. Amphitheater- A round and open building typically for sport events. Baptistery- the part of the church used for baptism. Greco-Roman- a culture in the united kingdom.
Variants-version of something that differs in perspective. Urban Spatial-a public social place. Intarsia-a method of knitting with numbers of colors. Quattrocento Mathematics-15th century italian art.
Friar-a member of any certain religion. Pulpit-a raised platform where the priest stands in the church. Facade-an outward appearance to conceal a less pleasant reality. Crucifix-a representation of the cross.
Precedence-an earlier event. Tonality-a color scheme or range of tones. Hitherto-until now or the point of discussion. Apprenticed-learning a trade from a skilled employer.
Reiterate-to do something a number of times. Enacts-act a role or play on stage. Terrain-a large stretch of land with regard to its physical features.
Medium-a material design used for art work. Dry point-engraving by the needs of a needle. Veil-a piece of cloth to cover a women's face. Impenetrable-impossible to pass through or enter.
Diptych-a painting, mostly an alter piece. Spires-a pyramid structure at the top of a church. Cupola-a light structure on a roof. Mundane-lacking interest or excitement.
Indigenous-originating or occurring naturally. Lima-capital of Peru. Rigor-a sudden feeling of cold. Masonry-a type of stonework.
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