Women of the world -             Mia Cousar

This gallery depicts the many portraits of women done throughout the years, so that we can gain a perspective of how women were and are now. The women in the photos, real or not, are portrayed different with each generation. Looking closely at their outfits, poses, and natural finesse, each portrait tells a story. Every religion, ethnicity, and woman has their own unique 

Anne Carr was an English Noblewoman in 1639, royal families usually had portraits of their main subjects, past and future, displayed throughout their homes. The painting shows a bland solid color background so that all of the attention can be aimed on Anne. Curly hair, red lips, rosy cheeks, and pale skin were one of the highest forms of beauty back then, this artist captured exactly that.
This painting of Mary Turner was done shortly after her marriage to her husband. In this picture you see her beautiful blue dress, the line work throughout the dress, and the lace sleeves delicately draped around her arms. In her right hand she is holding a shell, and putting it through a waterfall, both signs that represent love and fertility.
Children were always an important part of the painting as well. In this photo for example Marie-Antoinette, is seated with her three children in their home, which again represents happiness and fertility. In their era huge dresses were the choice of fashion, such as her elegant red dress, which is depicted perfectly with shading and line work to contour and compliment the dresses natural element.
Painted in 1810, this portrait shows how dramatic the change in style is. The woman in the photo, Elisa, is showing her bare arms, and wearing a long red dress, however the dress is flowing this time, the skirt isn’t as full. Although it is only a change in style, this means a lot because, slowly but surely women are gaining their power of expression.
This oil on canvas painting is of a young woman carrying a pumpkin. Her background setting is the forest around her; she is wearing a white dress, and bare feet. This picture alone says a lot, she is a woman wondering alone through the woods, this shows a lot more independence to explore and gain their own perspective.
In 1925 this portrait was captured of a Yugoslavian woman named Maria. A dramatic jump from the 1800s to 1900s, however you can see what some of the changes were. Women were becoming more stylish, along with the era. Maria is wearing a black dress, with a lavishing scarf around her. A long dangly necklace which wasn’t worn before, and even a more confident, almost sexy (for their time) pose.
Claudia Johnson, Lady of the Whitehouse, helps serve up this next example. Although her background is mostly cloud, she is wearing a yellow dress, which pops out to the eye, and a pair of dangly earrings. Although you cannot see her lower half, she is wearing a dress to her knees, which is a new step for society and the women in it. Everything about this photo is balanced and smooth.
In 2001, we as a society began to explore new things, new ways to create and capture the moments around us. This portrait does just that, yes she has two heads, one lit up with warm tones symbolizing day and the other face with cool blue tones, symbolizing night. The color in this piece is very important; the painter put the shading in all the right places to capture everything from the two heads, to the blue guitar, to the cat taking a snooze in the moonlight, to the road veering off into the distance.
As we have grown far into the future, things have become more and more acceptable. The women are both wearing a bra and underwear, a lot less clothing then back in the renaissance days. This painting was actually painting by feminists, woman have come a long way. The background is a collage is multiple elements, with multiple colors. The main woman has magenta color in her hair, and heavy make up.
In the portrait the background is a solid color navy blue background with green flooring. The girl is wearing a big blue t-shirt and no pants; her face is painted white with red lipstick. Her hair is cut in a style, giving her individuality. This photo is balanced and very new school.
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