Elements Of Art

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work.  Garrison Hash

I this artwork there are lines that have been drawn over to create contour lines, the artist used hatching lines, and also crosshatching lines.
This artwork displays many shapes, it displays five circles, and what looks to be four stars. Also it is created on a big rectangle.
In this artwork it has a strong value of light and dark. It is darker near the bottom and top middle part of the painting to simulate a sunset.
This artwork has a lot of volume inside of it. More than half of this room is empty space. The area near the window looks three-dimensional because of the light reflecting on it.
The texture looks very rocky and bumpy, also it looks very rough, but if you zoom in it looks glossy and smooth.
In this artwork the forms of the table and and cup have been foreshortened, this image has size consistency and the apples and bottle have shape consistency.
This artwork has a mix of primary and secondary colors. It has a majority of the color green, a secondary color. Also it has a good compliment between the colors red and green.
Credits: All media
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