The Sock Hop Rock By: Jaimie Reagan

This gallery is based on the 1950's era and is looking at color as well. I was inspired to do this gallery because the 1950's is one of my favorite time periods and I think captures artwork the best, that is why people are still painting that time period today. I also love the colors of that time period. 

This picture is of a model car that was driven back in the 1950's era. This car is colorful and is also from the time period I selected. It is a great example of the colorful beauty at this time.
This is a pinup model. This theme was very popular in the 1950's it is colorful and fits the theme of this gallery because of the theme of the overall art.
This pin up captures the color and image of how people dressed during the 1950's. Both of these contribute to my gallery theme.
This is a great example of how advertisement was done in the 50's era. It was colorful, but yet simple in design. I love how this picture is still eye catching and colorful but at the same time simple.
This piece of art was something used before, during, and after the 1950's. It is a colorful advertisement.
This colorful piece of art could have been used to represent the segregation issue in the 1950's. It is symbolic of how far we have came since that period and also very colorful.
The red in this picture really stands out. It is another great example of the colorful and old time.
This is a piece of art that is a little before the 1950's but still was used during the 1950's period. It has great color and really catches the theme of advertisement during that period.
Credits: All media
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