This painting represents the death and all the thoughts that a person might have before die.
This one you have to look and think about it, death it's not only the act to die, but what you may see after that.
This painting represents the time that indian or some native people from a certain country, use to get killed by some invasors.
Another time, death its not the act of die, sometimes you have to think about what the death represents in some persons mind, it depends of the person and how he can see the death.
This painting represents the act to kill someone, or try to do that for survive or for food. Use to be used by the indians or native people.
Sometimes the way that the artist draw the painting makes the painting have a low energy, some kinds of colors make you feel the ''death'' on the painting.
That one it is the act of kill an animal for food, it was draw with a interesting contrast and colors.
This painting shows the darkness and the many ways that death can be interpreted.
This man, in some point of view, transport a bad energy, which can be interpreted as death, or negative energys.
The shadow and the way that this artist painted this paint shows how complex this painting is, it can be thought like the death, or it can be though like life and if you go through the interpretation, happiness.
This farm being considered inside a death theme, it's totally a viewer point of view. Some colors inside the painting makes you interpret another things.
This painting was draw on the 19th century. the colors that the artist used makes you have another view on the painting. The artist don't worry for some details, as I can see.
This paint it was made on the begining of the 20th century. but represents a street in Paris on the year of 1871, which was probably in the context of wars and independence developments on France.
The colors of this paint makes you have another different point of view, the gray sky sometimes can mean depression, death, it depends of the viewer.
This painting it's totally a different point of view, to be considered in a ''death'' theme, the name is called parto, which means ''delivery'' in english/ It can be interpretated as a meaning of life too.
This painting definitely shows something that the viewer will question himself and think about scary things, many people might see bad energies on the draw.
That painting, again, can be interpreted as the death, but can be view with different eyes. It depends on how the viewer can observe the energy of the painting.
This was painted on the 20th century. Right on the Second World War Context, your complexity shows different ways to interpret this painting.
This moon rise can be see with different point of views, it can mean death for some people, and it can mean happiness or good energys for some.
This dress can be interpreted in many ways, this is a recent painting, it shows how complex the modern art its turning.
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