Human Nature Truths From "Night"

These pictures represent all the truths I gathered after reading the memoir, "Night". Some pictures symbolize love. Some pictures represent hopelessness, and some represent ignorance and death.

This picture represents truth 1 because it is a msn holding a child. It symbolizes the love between the two of them and shows how they will never be separated. "I went up to him, took his hand and kissed it." (Weisel 68).
This picture of The Prodigal Son symbolizes the section in "Night" when Elie realizes his father, Shlomo, has to attend another inspection. In the picture, it shows how worried they both are.
To me, this picture represents hopelessness. This person is naked, skinny, tired, and looking out into the night. They are wondering where God is, like Weisel when he wrote, "For the first time, I felt anger rising within me. Why should I sanctify his name?" (33).
This image reminds me of my second truth because it represents hopelessness. In the picture, the sky is dark, people are dead, and no one is around to help. This shows hopelessness because no one is trying to help or move forward, just like Weisel's father stopped trying.
The "Apple Harvest" symbolizes my third truth in many ways. The tree, I believe, represents Moishe the Beadle and he is trying to warn the Jews about the upcoming events. The people around him are poking at him with sticks and rakes because they don't want to hear him. The other two people are completely ignoring him and keep working on their tasks.
In this picture, people are lining up and beginning to board the train. This reminds me of the time Weisel described the boarding into the cattle cars. This image symbolizes my third truth because it shows how the people are going to their doom. They did not listen to the warnings and if they did they could have had a chance to escape.
This last piece of artwork represents my fourth truth because it shows the ruthless actions of the Nazis and the outcome of their actions. This image also reminds me of Moishe the Beadle's story, of all the prisoners who were forced to dig their own graves.
This artwork reminds me of my fourth truth,'When someone wants something done badly, they will do anything to accomplish it.' In this picture, the tree represents all the innocent victims and the Fox Fires represent the crematoriums. For the Nazis to accomplish the extermination, they have to do this to kill them.
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