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just a collection of people, places, or things that interest me

I choose this picture of King Henry VIII because I find him fascinating. I’m also fascinated by the painting itself. Nobility used to have portraits to show their dominance over the people of their kingdoms. King Henry VIII reigned over his kingdom for 38 years and in that time made significant changes that are still practiced in England. He is famous for numerous reasons, in his lifetime he had 6 wives, he separated the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church, and he had three children who were his successors. All of these things he was known for all tie into each other. The separation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church was caused because he wanted to get his marriage from his first wife Catherine of Aragon annulled but the Roman Catholic Church would not allow such a thing. So the woman he was pursuing at the time (who also became his second wife) was always whispering in his ear telling him to just break from the church and become the head of The Church of England that way no one could tell him what he could do. It was a long process and took many years but it was done. This not only lead him to be head of his own church but also gave him the freedom to do whatever he wanted he executed his second wife and annul another marriage after that. His children were Queen Mary I (Bloody Mary), Queen Elizabeth (Virgin Queen), and King Edward VI whom were each famous for their own reason but also gave a great deal of credit to King Henry VII.
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