Kenzie Krause


This piece represents shape. What supports that is it has multiple circle shapes as well as some free form shapes that are like slim ellipses.
This sculpture represents space. This piece has space within the wire-like circles and around the art work. Space is above below and around this this sculpture.
Line is represented within this sculpture. It has many different thick lines, some short, some long. All are pretty thick like "sticks", multiple paths a dot has created jumbled together.
This sculpture represents form; a three dimensional area. This is an example of form because you can see the depth within this sculpture.
This sculpture represents texture. Zooming in, you can see the texture of his hair and beard that looks somewhat rough and fluffy. As well in his clothing you can see the wrinkles and little details. If you were to touch it you could feel his beard and clothing.
From the Korean Art Museum, the Sliced Images 'Girl' represents value. With the light source shining on this sculpture you can see the lightness and darkness of this object along the left leg and brightness on the outer right leg.
'Garden' represents color. For it reflects the color of light. It's a colorful piece showing the different blues, yellows, greens, etc.
Abstract composition represents rhythm. It resembles it because my eyes follow the curved line over and upward.
This sculpture represents pattern because it has shapes in repetition. Resulting in a pattern sculpture.
'Warrior on Horseback' is an example of movement because it shows the horse in air with it's mane looking as if the wind was blowing. . It shows a visual impression of action.
This piece represents balance. This sculpture represents symmetrical balance because if you were to split this piece right in the middle, they would both be very similar.
This piece represents proportion. Body parts of this warrior are not equal as a realistic human. It has a longer neck than the average human would have.The head is also smaller than his whole body.
This piece shows variety because it uses multiple elements such as color and shape to put this sculpture together.
This sculpture represents emphasis. When I first look at this sculpture my eyes go straight to the head because the hair or hat is unusually big and shaped quite odd.
This piece shows harmony for all parts of this sculpture use similar color as well as shapes.
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