Conner Dodd


This ceramic art shows pattern. It shows pattern in many spots by repeating other elements. There are all kinds of patterns in this picture that involve color, lines, etc.
This project has variety. It has variety because of the multiple elements combined, such as color and line.
This ceramic art shows shape. Although the art is 3-D, it has a 2-D area on it. In this art there are many free form shapes, but there are also some geometric shapes
This ceramic art has space. It has positive space which is basically the red in the art. It also has negative space, which is the black in the art and the area around the sculpture.
There are many shades of gray in this project, that's why this indicates value. Through the glass you can see that it is not just one shade of a color.
This work has balance. It shows symmetrical balance because if it was split in half both sides on the outside would be symmetrical.
This work of art shows form. It shows form because it is a 3-D object and you can actually feel that it is not a 2-D area.
This work of art shows emphasis. The flowers stick out from everything else in the art. They stick out mostly because mostly of the colors.
This work shows movement. It shows movement because you can see that there is action going on in the sculpture.
This work shows rhythm, because of the patterns on the wings. The wings give the illusion of movement and your eyes move toward the angels head.
This work of art shows the element of line. On the art you can see there are many varieties of lines. There is thin lines, thick lines, wavy lines, etc.
This ceramic art shows color. It is color because of the light that reflects into your eyes, which is how you see the colors. Some of the colors being blue, red, green, brown, and yellow.
This sculpture shows texture.You can tell by looking at the sculpture that it looks bumpy and smooth in some parts of the art.
This work shows proportion. In the sculpture the feet, the lid, and the handles are a relative size to the actual base of the sculpture.
This ceramic art shows harmony. Although each piece of this art are different, there are similarities. In each piece of the art they have similar textures, colors, forms, etc.
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