marc zarghami

erry day im shuffling!

i got this because it was a picture of pretty boats and pretty water but mostly because i was running out of time on the project.Bilbo...
I saw this and said hi fireflys but than i relized this was a painting and that it was a good one so i said bilbo and that made no sense so i added it to my collection the end.wait what...
this is kinda like my other glowing mt pic but its not it its a picture of a mountain someone drew shower below the summit whooooooo this is awesomeness well not really...
so beutiful a boat next to a moutain next to another small boat next to a cloud next to a sky now thats deep... also kreg stole this from me then i had to re-find this so ya
I think this is cool because its floating rocks in space what about it is not awesome if you think this is lame your freaking phyco whowooowo!!! sorry i got out of control but seriously its pure epicness...
its so pretty because its blue lines and a blue floor and a blue ceiling thats why its pretty...oh ya epic! and if someone is reading this except me remember its called a blue room because its blue but a green room is called that because well people recycle in it... i think im 99.99% correct ....
Its a beutiful mountain made out of fireflys i think...bilbo... kinda ghostly but also kinda scary.
ITS SO AWESOME!!! ITS FLOATING SHINY ROCKS!!! its so epic I went mental... how
i really have no idea how this got into my gallery but its till pretty cool but it looks like a bb gun but worse poor poor people getting shot with wierd bb guns... Suckers i have a better bb gun wheww!!!
So beutiful....its a double firework all across the sky*sob*... its starting to look like a triple firework its its awesome... oh my god oh my god *sob*... *sob*sob*sob* so pretty.....
its a pretty little land full of water and boats i think wait what oh ya its a very nice picture i mean painting sorry
its a perfect little night in twilight town not that terrible vampire movie. SPONSOR! i mean like well its dark and stuff never mind! its perfect for murderers because anyone in this area will probably get murdered just saying i mean who would walk in a creepy place like this at night thanks for listening ill be here all week idk why i said that because i wont i do have summer break
so many pretty colors its its just not real so cool oh my god woah how come its so pretty and colorful *head explodes*
look at that lighjt it looks like the sun in minecraft so square omg do they have the minecraft moon too... pretty
I chose this because im christian and this is very important to me...This time im serious though so ya its a awesome pic
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