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The wonders of water and agriculture

In this photo the artist uses the lighting from the sun to enhance the picture. I chose this picture because I love to be around water. This is connected to agriculture as farmers need water for their crops and livestock.
The ocean is the most tranquil place. It plays a big part in the agriculture field. Crabs, oysters, and other sea life are caught to sell to local restaurants and businesses. there is farming on land and sea.
The waterfall can play a play a part in agriculture as well. This can feed into a creek, lake, or other body of water. this water can be used by the farmers for their crops and livestock. It also can be effected by agriculture. What the farmer puts on the crops and soil can rum off into local bodies of water.
Water around an island is important to agriculture as well. (I thought of a bit of humor stating that it is very important for the farmer to get away on vacation and this is a good place.) But once again this body of water can be the habitat of a variety of sea life; some of which are caught for food.
Once again I chose a piece of art with water as the theme. Bodies of water are so vital in agriculture. I think of the program "No new water" that we teach in the schools. Teaching youth that the water we have is the only water we will ever have.
This is a manmade body of water that can impact the agriculture world by providing energy to the farmers and their facilities.
This is another example of a body of water that can be impacted by the surrounding land. If the land is properly taken care of then this body of water will reflect that and have little pollution.
In the past people would settle close to bodies of water to use for everyday needs. They did not have plumbing so being close to water was very convenient. This would impact the livestock and crops if the farmers had readily access to bodies of water when needed.
This piece was chosen to address the avenues in which is used to get the products out into areas to sell. Still today bodies of water are used to transports products to and from areas. This is helpful for the agriculture business to get their products out and sold.
Lastly the title says it all there should be harmony between human and nature. Thus being aware of what is put on the crops and soil. By being responsible farmer this can help prevent contaminants to get into the water.
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