An Outside Museum?

-Renzell Singleton crazy views on how the colors of street Art and Graffiti 

I came across this piece of art due to the blue that slightly fades into the wall paper. i always question on what type of place do this particular artist grew up in.
The color pallete blends in really well, and i wonder since the time of day effects the on what parts you look at. due to the blue-green is more gold and the orange is more warmish.
I chose this one because i really don't see art like this. normally people of would graffiti to paint on walls or houses, not the actual can itself. the colors draws my eyes in.
With the transition from Pink to blue the everything about this piece caught my eye.
This would go more into symmetry but,it's a great piece regardless
The blend of red to blue is unique plus it's a nice piece overall.
I would love to see something like this while walking around in Olrando my self. this piece is amazing.
This type of art that i like the most, it's not graffiti it's more of street art.
I feel like this should be concept art for the new surf movie. I chose this piece due to the blue standing out from the background. it's was well made.
It looks to real, the amount of detail and color they used in this street piece must be crazy. plus the illusion is quite there.
Not street art but, it's pretty unique to see something this well painted. plus the title is quite interesting as well.
The color blends in with the texture somewhat. it's a unique piece overall.
My favorite piece so far. the amount of colors is crazy. I love how this artist make sure to use every peace of canvas that she has. my favorite type of art style.
Now this is amazing. pieces like this draw in the eye to make sure they don't miss the message. I feel like this piece is suppose to be a challenge as well as art. the blue contrast on the entire background.
I noticed that this artist colored the pole of the sign. it stands out very well, plus the shapes are really cool as well.
This again would go into symmetry but the orange and the white of the clown fish is very well made.
Would this go into perspective? Regarldless i wonder how many shots did it take to get this angle to look so cool. the amount of colors they used in this street art is quite fantastic.
Ibeginning to think the blue on anything street art related would stand out. but you would continue to look at the details on what's on art piece besides the blue color.
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