Life During the Great Depression

By: Vinny Foley

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president at the time. He crated the new deal which was a series of programs and laws that tried ending the Great Depression. He served as [resident from 1933-1945.
At the beginning o the great depression was former president Herbert Hoover. He started to make the New Deal.Even though he did this he did not think the situation was that bad and was insensitive to the suffering people during the depression.
Men looking for jobs often sat along the side of the road. Many people in the farming industry lost their jobs and was looking for work. If you needed a hard worker to get something done you often could fine someone pretty easily..unlike today.
Many people didn´t have houses and they lived out of their cars especially after farming got ignored and the steel production took over. Many americans also traveled to find work. So the most people could afford was a car and thats what they lived out of.
She is worried about her dad not coming home after work because mining was dangerous. Many people worried about family not coming home. Some often worked 3 jobs just to make ends meet.
Many Americans lost there jobs so many migrated and traveled to find work. Often times familys would split so that they could live. Most people walked across the country in order to make a living.
Most people could not live on the wages that they were given so many Soup-kitchen´s were set up to help feed these people. Soup kitchens had to ration portions of food out to people. Most of the food was a donation.
Along with Soup-kitchens, breadlines were created to help feed the hungry. This is a non profitable orginization. Everything they got was a donation and volenteer work.
Many fathers left home in order to make a living. Single mothers often had to make a living just to make ends meet for their kids. Often times kids had to grow up early in order to survive.
This is a picture of a woman taking a bath in a tub. Many had to do things like this to try and stay sort of clean. Most of the time many did not shower and were dirty from working and this often caused sickness.
Blue Grass music and types of Jazz music became popular during the great depression. Many made this music by using old cans, tubes, etc. Many did this as a way to make extra money and as a hobby when board.
Hoovervilles were communites that were crated by unemployed and poor people during the Depression of the early 1930s. These neighborhoods were run down and very little costly.
This is good example of the farming equipment during the great depression. Many farmers over produced good. When the great depression came farming was put on the back burner and the steel industry took over.
The Dust Bowl was an agricultural, economic and social disaster that occurred on the Great Plains of the U.S. during the 1930´s. Poor farming practices, severe drought and high winds devastated the farmlands and created huge dust storms that killed thousands. The Dust Bowl forced thousands of families to move west.
Many Americans started to go to church to pray in hopes that things were to get better. The church acted as a place of shelter and was safe for all. Many of the churches also was a big supporter and volunteering at soup-kitchens and etc. in order to help others.
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