Andrew Piox-Color Gallery

This gallery is about all the definitions of color used in the color wheel. You can find lots of cool, and warm pictures in this gallery. Enjoy!

Primary Triadic- This is an example of Primary Triadic because it has all three of the primary colors which are blue, red, and yellow.
Secondary Triadic- This is an example of secondary triadic because it has all of the secondary colors which are orange, purple, and green.
Tertiary Triadic- This is an example of Tertiary Triadic because it has the tertiary colors which are for example red orange, yellow orange. You can find these colors on the horse, and the background.
Tetradic- This is an example of tetradic because it has opposite colors of each other.They are opposite from one another on the color wheel.Green and red are in this painting, and they are opposite from one another.
Analogous- This is an example of analogous because it has colors that are adjacent from one another(next to) on the color wheel. It has red and violet in the painting and those two colors sit next to one another.
Complementary- This is an example of complementary because light blue, and orange are diagonally opposite from one another on the color wheel.
Complementary- This is another example of complementary because it has red, and green in it. They are opposite colors on the color wheel.
Warm- Although this picture doesn't seem emotionally exciting.. It's an example of warm because it consists of the primary colors red, blue, yellow.
Cool- This is a very good example of cool because you see a beautiful blue color throughout the image. The sea, and the sky. You can see the image kind of fade into the distance. The mountain in the background.
Monchromaric- This is an example of monchromaric because it has lots of shadows, and tints in it. The shadow of the horse, and in the water, and the tint of black creeping behind them,
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