Chaos and Harmony

I chose the theme Chaos and Harmony because they are two complete opposites. As I was browsing through the different pictures I came across a bunch of pictures that resembled chaos.  Chaos means complete disorder and confusion, when looking at the pictures that resembled chaos all of the pictures are dark and sad, most of them resemble war, and some of them resemble darkness or emptiness. The pictures in my gallery resemble chaos, most of them have to do with the beginning of war or the outcome of war, how everything is destroyed in the end. One of my pictures represents harmony, because its calm and peaceful and the colors give a calming and warm feeling to the meaning of the picture. My gallery moves through history in time representing war, tragedy, death and happiness (being the counterpart). In this gallery you will see different types of chaos throughout history in time displayed in different view points.  Each painting relates to a period in time with chaos being involved.

as you can see the expression on their face that they are panicked or worried, the colors used also resemble chaos, the picture is unexplainable and that's why it represents chaos.
This picture represents Chaos.It looks like the outcome of warm, western art relates to this because during that time there were wars that broke out. it represents darkness and sadness.
This picture looks like it represents the end of the world and destruction. There is chaos going on in this picture because you can see the explosion, and the dead bodies scattered in the painting.
This is the opposite of chaos,it relates to chaos because it represents harmony which is the opposite of chaos. The colors give a calm or peaceful feeling and it looks like there are no worries. The history of western civilization through paintings represents a continuous tradition from antiquity until the present time. The picture to me is timeless, it represents happiness and peacefulness.
There is so much going on in this picture, it looks like the world is ending, people are dead on the ground and the colors are very dark and give a feeling that death is approaching.
This is the result of chaos it looks like the end of a war unexplainable. It looks cold and depressing, it is the result of chaos and the end of a tragedy.And the end result of a war left with nothing
This too represents the end of war, in western times war was brought upon us. Its a cold picture that resembles death and the end result of chaos, there is nothing in this picture but a cold feeling.
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