uncommonly, common portraits - andrew gonzalez

This collection takes place during the Renaissance period and is comprised of portraits of men and women of all ages. These people share the same common understanding, they are "common" people. No prodigal sons or saints, no gods or goddesses, no high-level political figures, just citizens.

A elegant young lady wearing an embroidered gown during a slightly cloudy day. The background color of the sky enhances the subject, focusing completely on the young lady and the beauty of her detailed gown. The embroidery of the gown provides the portrait with texture, seemingly giving it a multi-dimensional effect.
A older man with red doublet and hat, his stare is strong and is painted at a profile view. The focal point is the face, the clothing has no detailed value just vibrant color. The contrast of the facial features are defined by the light and dark values. The lighting creates depth in his wrinkles and bone structure. His hooked nose and pointed chin are emphasized due to dark background.
A young shepherd in the rural countryside, with his wooden flute. The emphasis on contrast helps separate the vibrant colors of his clothes in comparison to the the darker tones of the landscape. The source of light illuminates the subject, creating the dark folds in his clothes. This technique provides realistic texture.
A young woman wearing a square cut gown with matching jewelry. Staring off into the distance as she is painted at three-quarter view. The flowing strands of hair creates unique texture as every piece seems like its own. The complimentary colors work well together; the saturation of the jewelry and gown standout due to the contrast between background and foreground.
A bearded man, wearing a black hat and doublet with a red undershirt. Painted in profile view the man is staring off into the distance, clutching a scroll. The folds in his clothing creates texture as well as the lighting which gives the man distinct facial features. His beard is layered but full of volume; the slight strands on his jawline are barely visible, but the dark backdrop illuminates them.
A young girl wearing a multicolored square neck gown, with flowing brown hair, she is pointing to something outside of view. Although painted at three-quarter view, her eyes are not gazing off into the distance; the girl's eyes are focused and purposeful. There is not much texture to the hair unlike the folds of her sleeves, but the application of different values of brown creates depth.
An old man with white hair and beard, wearing a gray robe, painted in three quarter view. The wise looking old man is on a black backdrop, the rest of the painting doesn't add much depth in color except for the skin. The value and contrast of the different skin tones give the old man leathered skin, deep creases and bags. The old mans weathered face and long white beard tells a story.
A young, red haired, venetian woman wearing a square cut gown and a beautiful beaded necklace. The soft, smooth face of the young woman makes her beauty shine, although the lighting portrayed is quite dim. Her hair has texture as tonal differences develop the highlights with it. The gown has no movement but the detailed patterns give it style and flare.
A big eyed, long-haired, unhappy, boy wearing a red doublet. Taking place during the early rising of the sun, the backdrop of city is accompanied by lush landscape. The proportion of the background in comparison to the boy shows knowledgable use of perspective and dimension. The detail all throughout the painting is unified, every area carefully crafted to be a realistic piece.
A young blonde haired woman in profile view wearing a red gown, with a neutral expression. The subject is clear and our attention is guided to her, but the use of negative space accentuates the different colors within the dress, skin tones, and hair. The dark backdrop brightens the woman's pale face. The layered strands of hair adds texture to the portrait and well as making it more of a realistic piece.
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