Dominis de spectro

The Masters of Color.

The use of blue and white on the wings makes it quite mesmerizing. It almost seems like it was replicating the cloudy sky.
Similar to the first butterfly, yet instead of replicating a cloudy sky I would say that these butterflies look like they were replicating the various shades of blue of the sea.
For it seems like a combination of Pop Art and Urban Art. I love how you van identify some cartoon characters with the colors that were given to them.
Urban Art uses the entire spectrum of color with some simple black graffiti strokes, makes it feel light weighted or gives you the sense of freedom.
I like how some lines and colors of the piece gives a sense of innocence and creativity yet again the artist here uses the entire spectrum of color.
Unlike the previous pieces, this graffiti seems to be more Urban-like with darker, saturated colores with line-work that leaves the viewer in awe.
The concept behind the faces of the children n these flowers gives a perspective of innocent childish love also thanks to the delicate use of orchid red.
The extensive use of the delicate colors gives the children a more prominent sense of innocence yet the same can be seen with tiny kitten in the background.
Makes room for a more fantasy like artwork where a child is being born from a flower (as the title states). The Blush red colors makes it colorful scene.
Cold colors are more fond in this piece, the small strokes of yellow, orange and red makes a nice foundation of color asymmetry.
Use of faded colors to give a sense of depth, the outer disk is quite mesmerizing due to the repeating pattern.
An unorthodox method of colors in depth detail is minimal yet all colors used here are lively and vibrant. Quite energetic. Heavily uses the entire color spectrum.
Colors like White, Red and Gold give some sort of sense of royalty specially when it's applied to a small teacup and plates.
Very unusual use of the color beige and deep blue gives this piece a sense of motion, simply beautiful. The artist carefully and successfully executed in depth perspective here.
The canvas itself seems to be beige as so the bright blue colors like turquoise make the piece stand out more making it a lot more lively. Brilliant composition. The pink flower balances both colors.
A balance between warm and cold colors is carefully executed with an outstanding composition that makes it stand out of the dry canvas. the fruits do indeed look plum, ripe and full of flavor.
Credits: All media
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