nature & love contemporary - luca ventura

This Contemporary-Themed art gallery will take you through a variety of art works stemming from postmodern art and modern art. These pieces will feature vibrant colors, contrast and stimulating texture. The primary focus of the paintings will be on love and nature and also include some fascinating abstract pieces. Pattern plays a large role in these pieces and is often used to create an illusion or perspective effect.  

Tano Festa depicts his idea of Michelangel in this piece, bringing together both abstract and nature elements. In my opinion Tano is trying to show that Michelangelo was full of ideas broader than the sky.
Vedova Emilio gave us this amazing abstract piece which showcases pattern, contrast and texture. The colors used are mainly black but with a dash of colors including yellow, red and blue. If you look close you can see many different eyes, almost as if there are meant to be people hiding behind each brush stroke.
This piece was Street Art in Rome and features vibrant colors and textures/patterns. Most prominent is the masked subject in the middle of the painting which I believe is meant to exemplify the people that often make street art or spray paint-based art because that person is wearing a mask and often times spray-painting is illegal. There are a lot of patterns and textures surrounding this subject that gives a nice illusion effect.
Catch Me If You Can is a fitting name for this abstract piece that has an endless illusion. Through the use of repetition and perspective the artist creates a “black hole” type of illusion that seems to go on endlessly.
“One Love” is a very thought provoking abstract piece featuring vibrant colors. Depicted is the idea that love can cut like a knife, both subjects are hugging and neither one of them knows that the other person has a knife right behind/above them waiting to strike.
In this painting we see a simple grass painting with repetition of blades of grass using a very simple green color scheme. The title, “The Memory of Nature”, leads me to believe the artist is implying one day there won’t be any grass left from so much industrial waste that all we will have is the memory.
Depicted in this painting is a seaside landscape which offers nice contrast between the sky, sea and the grass. We can see nice sand texture through the use of different shades of brown as well.
This piece focuses on a large dandelion that still has all of it’s florets. The artist uses perspective to make it appear that we are looking up at this dandelion from the ground, adding even more perspective with the two smaller dandelions in the background.
“Flow” is an abstract piece that uses vibrant and neon colors to form streaks and waves. The use of repetition with the lines, some bigger and small smaller, add a nice perspective as we can see some in the foreground and some in the background.
This serene piece uses neutral colors to show a snowy landscape and trees. The repetition and contrast between the sizes in the trees gives perspective and by using texture the artists adds definition to the trees.
Credits: All media
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