Renaissance Art

I choose this painting because she look like she doesn't want to be there. Leonardo da Vinci was many thing in life.
I liked this painting because it has a sea shell. Sandro Botticelli also painted in the Sistine Chapel.
It has Jesus in it giving the last supper. Was made in Italy.
I liked this painting because it looks like the hare is in the snow. It was made in Albertina, Vienna.
It looks so real. It is in a museum in Madrid.
I can tell she loves her babies. Raphael used oil paint.
I liked this painting because there are many colors in it, Raphael's last painting.
Many texture in it, shades and colors mixed together. Pieter drew this inspired by Revelations 12:7
The story is in the bible. Was also inspired by the bible and also used oil painting.
It look 3-D and looks real. Leonardo's sculpture is located in National Gallery of Art.
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