Sculptures Clar209 Sum 1

These 4 sculptures are the ones that appealed to me the most, in part, because I don't completely understand them.

The Seated Victoria, Throwing a Wreath, by Christian Daniel Rauch shows an angel sitting on a pedestal throwing a wreath. The sculpture is truly beautiful. The artists uses soft lines to show the kindness of the angel. I believe the author uses a wreath in the picture, because wreaths tend to be a sign of peace and angels are peaceful creatures.

The sculpture, Torso of a Male Divinity, is one that I have trouble understanding. From what I see the artist is trying to create of a figure of a man, but what he's trying to show I am unsure of.

The sculpture, Rhyton in the form of a Zebu bull, sparks my interest. The bull has no neck and a very large head, but small face. It has a large behind, but very short legs. I am unsure what this sculpture is trying to show.

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