ancient egyption art from felix

Horus a very important god in egytion culture because he had something to do with creating th e earth
The kings were the most imporant people in egytion city's and were treated VERY WELL and were in charge of the government, army, jobs, and maintence of there city
Scribes were important people working for the government they were pretty high class because they went to school to be writers and learn to write at a school that cost money so his family was rich too
this is a sculpture of a mummified hand which its possible that when the person died they would remove there hand
this is a coffin for a mummified body probaley for a king or someone important in an egytion city
this is a picture of a hunter which I bet not all people had cattle some people hunted like middle class people and maybe farmers
this is is a picture of an ancient egyption statue that people built to honor a king
this is a picture of a middle class family to maybe a lower class family considering they have little clothes
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