The Power of Color

Crysean Smith

"Snowwhite in the wrong Story" gives me the sense of death. From all the blues being displayed, it's a sign of death in the real world. Also gives me the sense of Snowwhite being aware of her death.
When I look at this, I think immediately of a colored tattoo. Not just any tattoo though, but a tattoo with meaning behind it because of the way the shapes and patterns are. Like polynesian tattoos.
Everything in the world is made up of colors being fused together to create an image. Looking at this piece gives the mind an endless imagination to create whatever image they wish to see.
When used the right way, black and white can play tricks on the mind and even create motion when put side by side. The longer you look at this, the more movement you'll start to see.
From the green color, symbolizing a forest to me, to the white background being the shadows, you can easily see this person whistling. To what? No body but the artist knows.
The eye is naturally drawn to bright colors on dark backgrounds. "Girl in White with Trees" is no exception, the eye is quickly drawn to her and then explores the outer parts of the image.
The colors in this can lead the mind to believe it's going forward into another dimension. It can also lead the mind to believe that it's on some sort of drug seeing all the colors around.
Color used for this image gives it the feeling of the morning after. The light to dark ratio is perfect for a sunrise. As well as the shading used on the snow and trees.
Though the colors don't pop in this image, the longer you stare at it the more I can start to see simple shapes and images pop out. The colors start to become clearer because more is being seen.
Color theory is always talked about, and the colors used in this give it the perfect balance of a cool relaxed day. From the dark greens to the bright blues.
The colors in this to me feel like one is in their own mind. Their own subconscious having a conversation on a decision one must make.
Blue doesn't always mean death though. In this case ti means devious acts. Such as the two kids performing wrongful things such as smoking.
To me death is a beautiful thing, but this gives me the feeling of death coming too soon. From the blue meaning cold to the red on his beard.
Programs have been used to create images from sound. This person could've drawn blind because of the colors they were hearing from whatever song this image is based off of. At least they would be me.
This was the easiest to pick because it's not fire to me. The color used makes me think of the 8 chakras in the body. This one being either root or sacral chakra simply based on the color used.
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