15 different oil paintings that have perspective in them.

This painting shows a beautiful treatment of linear perspective
The direction of the cloud and the landscape in this painting, gives a realist view of the scene
With the use of perspective, we can see how the objects get smaller as they leave the foreground.
This painting shows a perfect example of a 2-point perspective view of the scene.
I chose this painting because it clearly has a form of depth, as a 1-point perspective was used.
This landscape painting also uses a principle of perspective to achieve it's goal.
This complex, yet beautiful painting has the principle of perspective in it.
This painting shows an overhead view of the landscape. All the objects get smaller as they approach the background, giving an illusion of depth.
Unlike moest of the paintings I have picked so far, this one is not of a landscape, yet it shows the use of perspective, as they is an illusion of environmental depth.
The overhead view of rooftops in this painting shows depth, and use of perspective.
Although this painting is a portrait, it has an element of perspective in the background.
This painting is another classic example of the treatment of perspective in a painting.
Notice the angle that the painter of this painting decided to use. It is unusual, as most other artists would have used a front view.This view, however, shows a great deal of depth, using perspective.
This painting is an abstract one, yet it shows a form of depth, using the principles of perspective.
This beautiful scene has depth, therefore, principles of perspective are present in it.
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