"Color blue as peace, cold and sadness in art"

In this gallery is reflected the way the color blue is use in different ways, one is to give peace to the art work, the other as a sensation of cold and the last to give sadness.

This painting reflects the color Blue as symbol of calm and sadness after a war.
Blue is a color of peace and calm in this art work. The way the artists used the color Blue, gives people a sensation of waves and calm.
The color Blue give a sensation of peace and shades in this art work. It seems like the plants are hiding the sun.
Van Gogh used the color Blue in this famous painting to give a sensation of calm and peace. Also we can imagine the context as a cold place. The artist used a technique of movement where the clouds looks like waves with different tones of blue.
This is a dark painting by Kupka where the color Blue acts like calm, darkness and cold.
In this painting we can appreciate the color Blue as the peaceful and calm ocean.
The color Blue give a feeling of sadness and calm in this painting by Pierre-Auguste.
The combination of color Red and Blue gives this painting emotion and peace.
The color Blue acts like a factor of sadness, calm and also it gives a sensation of cold in this painting.
Color Blue gives to this beautiful art work a sensation of peace and cold.
Blue is used in this painting as a color of calm, peace, innocence and love.
In this painting we can feel the Blue as a color of sadness.
In this painting the artist used color Blue to paint the sky, giving a sensation of peace and calm.
All depends in the way the viewer see the painting. In this piece of art the color Blue give a sensation of calm, peace and sadness.
The French artist Paul, used the color Blue to give a sensation of calm and sadness.