Andrew's Ceramic art

I see a circular vessel that is half brown and half tan. The color could represent two different races. This vessel is smooth and the shape is a circle with two arms that come off and connect at the top. The arms are the opposite color of the side of the vase that they come off. The subject matter is the color which could represent the races and the shape which represents maybe a shrine or something to honor a god. It could possibly be personal and maybe used for holding water. It could represent the cultures beliefs like maybe they believe that people should be treated equal. It does not connect to political history or social issues. The craftsmanship does not impress me and the beauty does not move me. It might be rare for some people.
I see a dog that is kind of like a stick figure. There is not really a color but a light brown. The shape is a dog and texture is rough. The subject matter could be a pet. It could mean personal because it might help remember a lost animal. The craftsmanship looks like it could have been hard to make. It is kind of rare because it survived so long and it was such a small object.
I see a head with hands coming out the side and a pipe sticking out of its head. It is a silver color and it has holes in it with great facial features. It was maybe arranged to have a hat or to scare bad kids. This could be social because everyone could see this and tell stories about it. It reflects their beliefs in that they had a dark and scary culture. The craftsmanship amazes me. I believe it should be in a museum.
IT looks like a boat in a bowl. The shape and texture is amazing to me. It looks like it could be made out of wood. It could be personal because they just arrived to new land. It looks especially rare and it should be in a museum. It is arranged to show new land or that they lived on a boat that it became home.
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